Special Event – July 18th

I have had a couple of requests to hold a seminar on Sunday, July 18th. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the meditations and chanting from our Shingon Tradition. We will share a relaxed casual day of Shingon and Shinto, the traditions behind the goma, as well as delve deeper into the various aspects of the Goma.

If you are looking to develop a daily meditation practice, become more involved with the Goma, or are just curious about Japanese spirituality, this is a perfect opportunity.

And we are very excited that during the time of the seminar, our Temple carpenter/sculptor – Mr. Adam Bradley will be here from Sacramento California working on some new projects! We hope Adam san will share some of his insights from years of aikido training and experience as the live in shrine assistant for Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America in Washington State – the lineage of our Shinto practices.

Here’s some of what we will cover:

1. The layout of the dojo – the various aspects of the shrine and temple sections

2. Setting up a sacred space

3. Basic meditations and chanting

4. A bit of cosmology

5. The history of the Goma…and sacred fire in general

6. The individual pieces that comprise the Goma

7. The role of Goma assistant

8. Special chanting for the Goma

9. And we will conclude with an abbreviated Goma\

And there will be plenty of time for Questions and Answers and spontaneity.

Let’s get started around 1pm. Please contact us for more information – gomaceremony@gmail.com

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