Special Guests for July Goma

The July Ceremony will be on Saturday July 30th at 6:30 pm and will include two very special guests.

Mr Adam Bradley san our temple carpenter will be out for his annual visit doing some new construction on the temple grounds. He will be installing a special calligraphy that Tanaka Sensei did and Adam san carved into a wood plaque and highlighted with 24k gold leafing on the Torii main gate.

Also a good friend of mine who is the Itako-san Japanese shaman will attend. Itako is the traditional Japanese shamanic tradition passed down within families from the mountains in northern Japan. My friend learned from his grandmother. It is extremely rare to meet such a person so we are honored he can attend.

The July Goma will be the last fire ceremony before the special event with Rev. Tanaka in September. There will be no August Goma. So, please attend if you can and feel free to invite friends.

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